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Modern Calligraphy Course for beginners

Looking to learn the art of modern calligraphy in a structured way whilst also creating fun calligraphy projects?

Calligraphy by Christmas Calligraphy Goodie Box. Calligrapher packing a box of calligraphy supplies. Calligraphy Course.

What does this course involve?

The course covers everything that you need to get started with modern calligraphy from how to hold a brush pen to getting consistent strokes to creating words (the fun bit!).

It is run throughout the course of several weeks so that you can apply your learnings from that week to create fun calligraphy projects such as wrapping paper and gift tags.

This course is perfect for you if:

👉 You've attended a calligraphy workshop and want to go further in depth

👉 You are a bit of a procrastinator that appreciates structured learning

👉 You want to learn modern calligraphy from the comfort of your own home

👉 You haven't done anything creative previously and don't know where to start

👉 Your favourite part about special occasions is making crafts of some form

👉 You've simply been wanting to learn modern calligraphy

Week one

This week you'll introduce yourself (don't worry, no awkward icebreakers!).

You'll learn about different calligraphy supplies and how to hold your brush pen.


You'll then learn how to achieve thin and thin lines by practising some basic strokes

Finally you'll learn how to customise wrapping paper with calligraphy patterns and receive homework for the week ahead.

Week two

This week you'll be practising putting the basic strokes together to form letters of the alphabet.

You'll learn how to create tricky letters that often catch beginners out.

You'll learn the importance of the uppercase alphabet as a calligraphy beginner.

Finally you'll receive your homework for the week ahead.

Week three

This week you'll practice connecting your letters to create words!

You'll learn about tricky connections and how to avoid making connection mistakes.

You'll learn how to add shadows to your calligraphy to add some extra flair.

Finally, you will learn how to create gift tags and receive your homework for the week ahead.

Week four

This week you'll be learning about relaxed block lettering for envelope addressing as well as envelope composition tips.

You'll also be creating some different greeting card designs.

You'll then receive your homework for the week ahead.

Week five (xmas course only)

This week you'll be learning about faux calligraphy - what it is, what it's purpose is and how to create it.

You'll then go onto to create custom bauble designs.

You'll receive your final homework of the course.

When and where will the course be running?

The next course will take place in November and December on a weekday evening, 7-8pm.

The course is an online course and will be run via Zoom. These meetings will be recorded so that you can rewatch for an entire year!

There will also be a private Facebook group for you to showcase your work and ask any questions throughout the week.

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Course gallery

Here are some examples of work done by previous students on the Modern Calligraphy Course for beginners.

I love how each student brings their own flair to the calligraphy projects!

How much is this course?

The course is £175 - £195, depending on whether you participate in the Spring or Christmas version, and includes and covers the teaching via the weekly Zoom calls, a box of calligraphy goodies, the 60 page digital workbook, personalised feedback from a professional calligrapher and a year's worth of access to the calls so that you can rewatch anytime!


It also covers a creative skill that you can use for years and years to come, making every event extra special.

Enrolment now close - Register interest

Register your interest down below for the next version of my Modern Calligraphy Course (which will now be the Christmas version).

Thank you!

Here are what some of my previous students have to say​


"I have signed up for courses with Gemma twice now and they definitely do not disappoint. My first course was a ‘Calligraphy workshop’ and the second course was a 5 week ‘Calligraphy by Christmas’. Each of these courses were tailored beautifully and packed full of exciting content! Gemma is an outstanding teacher, she is extremely patient, helpful and she knows exactly what she is talking about! She has really boosted my confidence with my calligraphy and I am really excited to take it further and gift my prints to my friends and family! You will not regret signing up with Gemma! I can’t wait for the next one!!"


"I recently took the Modern Calligraphy course - the instruction provided by Gemma was excellent! Gemma was clear, approachable, and answered all questions I had, even the nuanced ones. I've come away from this course with an understanding and early beginners ability in calligraphy, and I cannot wait to continue improving using the knowledge and practice provided in this course! Thank you, Gemma!"


"I am so pleased I met Gemma! I have always hated my handwriting and honestly thought anything as creative as calligraphy was out of reach for me. I've just done a five week 'Calligraphy by Christmas' course with Gemma and I'm sooooo pleased with what I've achieved! I know I still need lots more practice but I'm excited to continue my calligraphy journey and to get more creative with my artwork in the future! Thank you!"

Any questions?

Drop me an email at or use my contact form.

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