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Learn modern calligraphy online

Calligraphy Gems' courses are available at a beginner and intermediate level so there's something for you, wherever you are in your calligraphy journey.

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Looking to get started?

The Modern Calligraphy Course is a beginners course spanning over 4-5 weeks, and it's designed to take you from an absolute beginner to being able to create words in calligraphy.


On top of learning the fundamentals of modern calligraphy, you'll also learn some fun calligraphy projects to put your new skill to work.

Does your calligraphy always look the same?

Once you've learnt the basics of modern calligraphy and your work is looking polished you may ask yourself "now what?".


How do you start to add more personality to your calligraphy without feeling overwhelmed and as though you're copying someone else's style?


What you can do now is experiment - learn new styles, stretch yourself and find your own calligraphy style!

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