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August Calligraphy Prompts - British Summer

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

August's calligraphy prompts are based upon a British summer. Create a word a day using the prompt list below.

1st: Summer holiday

2nd: Relaxation

3rd: Vacation

4th: Sunglasses

5th: Sunshine

6th: Sunhat

7th: Sandcastle

8th: Beach

9th: Chocolate milkshake

10th: Ice cream

11th: Barbeque

12th: Gardening

13th: Swimming pool

14th: Ocean waves

15th: Candyfloss

16th: Fish and chips

17th: Pier

18th: Waterfights

19th: Freckles

20th: Suncream

21st: Beachball

22nd: Parasol

23rd: Humid

24rd: Thunderstorm

25th: Lightning

26th: Downpour

27th: Flip flops

28th: Bucket and spade

29th: Picnic

30th: Seashells

31st: Summer fruit

This month's lettering prompts would work well with Pentel's colourful 12 piece brush pen set. Get your own set here.

Want to share your interpretation of this month's prompts? Share your work over in my Facebook group for those wanting to learn modern calligraphy.


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