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The only tool you need to create calligraphy (that you probably have already!)

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Is calligraphy something that you'd love to learn but you've felt overwhelmed at the thought of all of the inks, nibs and the misshaped doodads?

The misshapen doodad aka a moblique pen holder

Don't fret! You don't need any of those items to create calligraphy. All you need is a single tool... something that you probably have lying around somewhere already - a pencil. Yes, you really can create calligraphy with a pencil.

Learning to create calligraphy with a pencil involves the same principles as learning with a brush pen or dip pen. You still need to apply pressure to the pencil to achieve distinctive thick and thin lines.

As you get further into your calligraphy journey, you'll start to develop a preference for one tool over another. For example, my personal preference are brush pens, but you don't need to test out brush pens or other tools right away.

Using a pencil to learn calligraphy is:

  1. Budget friendly - saves on buying calligraphy pens and inks

  2. A quick win - you probably have one already

  3. Easy to fix mistakes - you can erase them!

  4. Child friendly - a pencil can be the perfect introduction to calligraphy for all ages

Got a pencil to hand and want to start learning? Check out my basic calligraphy strokes video. Although I am using a brush pen in the video, you can apply the same principles when using your pencil and start learning.


Get started with modern calligraphy with brush pens and my workbook collection. If you're in the early stages of learning modern calligraphy, you may also want to join one of my upcoming calligraphy workshops.


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