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Want to start or grow your calligraphy business?


This 3 month coaching programme is designed for those that either want to start earning income with calligraphy or have started a business but want support growing their business.


During these 3 months you would:

  • Recieve bespoke support via video calls and direct messaging
  • Receive practical "non-salesy" advice from a professional
  • Learn how to price your work and have the confidence for a luxury good
  • Choose a calligraphy niche
  • Set up a sales channel if you do not have one already
  • Ensure your social media works for you not the other way around


Calligraphy business coaching is on an individual basis only. Sessions would be hosted online via Zoom and we would work to find a time that suits you.


If weekly calls aren't for you, I also offer a fortnightly call option (6 calls total).

3 Month Calligraphy Business Coaching (Weekly calls - 12 calls total)

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