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About Calligraphy Gems

Hi there! My name's Gemma and I'm the 'Gem' part of Calligraphy Gems.

I initially discovered calligraphy due to my Granny's love of the traditional art form. As a child, she encouraged my creativity and calligraphy was the creative activity that sparked joy for me, even back then. I used a fountain pen and I practised family and friends' names in traditional calligraphy, loving the pretty letters I was creating. When my Granny passed, so did my creativity, but after discussing my love of calligraphy to my extended family, they gifted me a beautiful dip pen set and it resparked my love of the art.

Because calligraphy is something that I'm so passionate about, it was inevitable that I would that I would end up getting others on board. I started teaching friends and family the basics of modern calligraphy and it was so amazing to see that spark of excitement light up in others. I ended up teaching in person calligraphy workshops and the rest is history - I've now taught hundreds of students!

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Helping fellow artists

Running a business is hard and running it alone is so much harder. When I started out I had no fellow artist or small biz friends and it was lonely. I loved the art but I didn't love going it alone.


I turned to podcasts such as The Modern Creative Podcast which inspired me. I then joined a group coaching programme, making a bunch of fellow creative friends and my business became so much more enjoyable.

I understand the importance and the joy of connecting with fellow artists and helping each other to grow your businesses which is why I now also offer coaching through 1-to-1 calls, my memberships and my podcast which I run with fellow creative Candace.

Join my community

I have two communities that you can join - one for learning modern calligraphy and one for fellow artists running businesses to connect with other artists.

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