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Business memberships for artists

I currently have two memberships for artists -

The Pens to Profit Club and The Class to Course Method.

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Turn creative passion into an income earning reality


Start earning money in your creative business by creating your own website and gaining organic enquiries using SEO - don't worry, I'm here to help you break it down so that it's not as intimidating!

That's not all, you'll learn a manageable marketing strategy so that you don't find social media controlling you.

Earn money by teaching calligraphy


Learn how to earn money through teaching calligraphy workshops, live courses and pre-recorded courses.

This membership is designed to take out the complexity of teaching and get you to the fun part - creating and teaching others (whilst making more money doing so).

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Why me though?


I'm not a guru with a magical solution to making 6 figures overnight (that'd be nice!), but I'm a fellow artist that has been in this game since 2019.


I have failed in the past - putting my heart into activities such as YouTube and Instagram that frankly, have made me very little but been huge time vacuums. I tried a bunch of methods and finally found some that worked for me, that I also think will work for you too.

No complicated funnels or cold DMing, just building a website to bring in opportunities, and nurturing people that already work with you.

Oh, and I'm also a fairly friendly person who's been there, done that and wants the best for you! If you have questions about my memberships, get in touch, and don't forget to join my free Facebook group for creative business owners.

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