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Team building

learn this fun new creative skill together

Looking for a unique team building idea?

Calligraphy workshops are not only a unique team building idea, but they encourage creativity and mindfulness.

They can also be run online which is ideal if you're looking for a remote team building activity.

Calligraphy class as a team building event at Queen's Hotel Cheltenham


A calligraphy class is a team building activity that most employees haven't tried before, so booking it as a team building session will provide your team with a new experience.

Virtual team building mindfulness

Mindfulness & creativity

Calligraphy is a skill that also teaches creativity and mindfulness, giving employees a new way to unwind after a busy day.


Calligraphy classes are available in-person and online which is perfect for virtual team building events. They can also be adjustable to match time restrictions if needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your minimum number of attendees?

There isn't a minimum number of attendees, but I advise getting in touch if you're a particularly small group to see how I can accommodate you.

Where do you teach?

I'm based in Cheltenham, but I can also teach in-person workshops in other cities such as Birmingham or Bristol. I also offer virtual workshops, so you can learn via Zoom.

What level are your classes?

My classes are beginner friendly.

Can you do an hour long lesson instead?

My classes are typically 2 hours long, but they can be shortened to an hour if you only have a lunchtime slot, for example. Alternatively, if you'd like a longer session, I can adjust the class curriculum to add extra activities for your team to enjoy.

How much are your classes?

It depends on a few factors - number of attendees, length of the class, location, etc.

Please contact me to get a quote.

What's included?

As standard, attendees will receive a 20+ page practice workbook, a brush pen and some greeting cards that can be used throughout the class and kept for additional practice.

Do you ship out supplies?

Yes, I can ship out supplies or provide you with a digital version of the workbook so that you can print for your employees instead. I can also advise on recommended brush pen brands.

Do we need to organise the venue?

As standard, I show up to the venue organised by my clients, but I can organise the venue if needed.

Do we need to be based in the UK?

No, you do not need to be based in the UK to experience a calligraphy workshop as I offer virtual workshops. This makes them ideal for an international team building activity.

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