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Turn your dream of running a creative biz into an income-earning reality


Stop thinking about starting that creative business "one day".

Instead, finally earn money in a way that also brings you joy by launching the creative business of your dreams.

Plus, you can learn how to launch your dream business without the overwhelm as you work through an easy to understand step-by-step guide.

You are tired of inaction as you think about starting that dream creative business over and over, but still let fear stop you from getting started - Now you’re looking for that kick you need to finally set up a business that also brings you joy.


You thought about purchasing professional support...


BUT you’re not ready to invest hundreds or even thousands just to get you to the starting position. You may not even be able to afford that professional help to begin with.


You thought about DIYing the business yourself...


BUT  you have no idea where to begin and the overwhelm has stopped you from even beginning. You're stuck in a cycle of dreaming and inaction leading to "one day" syndrome.


You tried launching already...

BUT nothing came of it.

You may have listed your product on Etsy or you have been promoting regularly on Instagram but still (very frustratingly) have no sales to your name.

Here's a bold question for you:


What if you could stop feeling overwhelmed and start earning money from the creative biz of your dreams instead?


Sounds too good to be true?


Keep reading and I’ll show you exactly how!

I'll be honest with you, getting to this point wasn't easy...


When I started out as a new creative business owner I made no money for over a year. I finally worked out a way to earn money but then... the world shut down. My eggs were all in the in-person events basket and my one source of income disappeared 😬

So I tried...

❌Selling for weddings

❌Selling handmade products at a rate below minimum wage

❌Offering free knowledge and expecting to get paid

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And that's when it hit me! Go back to my roots but go online and refine


And this time, I finally started to see the results that I'd been waiting for!

✅ Earning income from my business again

✅ Most consistent income stream in my biz

✅ Replacing my salary in sales from my creative biz

The best thing?

I had happy clients that kept coming back to my business to make repeat sales, adding another layer of happiness to my business model.

I'll be honest with you, finding the answer wasn't easy...


I had big ambitions when I started trying to earn money with my art. I was knowledgeable about the industry, had studied business for years and had an entrepreneurial spirit. This should be easy for me right?

Except knowledge doesn't translate to business ability. I listed a couple of products on Facebook marketplace and Etsy and tried building a successful YouTube channel only to not earn a single penny 🙅‍♀️

👉So I took a leap of faith and tried teaching my art to others, something I'd wanted to do for over a year at this point. I made my first money from my art!🎉🙏

That was in November 2019.


But then...


Just as I was getting familiar with how I could earn money with my art and I started planning out how I could earn more money from doing what I enjoyed


❌I couldn’t make money from in-person workshops anymore❌

I could learn how to teach online but it felt so out of reach to someone who had barely found the confidence to teach their first in person workshop. I was scared of technical hiccups and offering a bad customer experience😭


So I tried...


❌ Waiting out the change in environment (but the world was now more online than ever)

❌ Offering products that I could ship out (but I'd have to sell far more to make my previous income)

❌ Offering predominantly free content (and then wondering why I wasn't earning money)


I told myself:

This is ridiculous, I love teaching and I can't let fear of doing something outside my comfort zone stop me from earning money doing something I love!


And that's when it hit me!

I could use the same strategy I'd used to launch in-person workshops to launch my workshops online.


And this time, I finally started to see the results I'd been working towards for so long:


✅ I earned money from my first online class

✅ I expanded my class to an online course to create an upsell my previous clients loved

✅ I'd learned how to make my salary from my creative business

✅ I now had repeat customers that would purchase several times


The best thing?

This saves me so much time and energy!

(That I can spend relaxing instead 🥰)


Earning money from teaching art now takes me less than a few hours per week.


So how does it work exactly?


All it takes are 3 simple steps:

STEP 1 - Teach a class

STEP 2 - Expand to a course

STEP 3 - Refine the pipeline

CBC earnings (1).jpg

Can this really work? You bet!

In my first launch I was making more money than I'd ever made with my art.

I replaced my monthly salary within the space of a few weeks AND this material can be used time and time again.


My previous students that used to only spend £45 now spend up to £300+ with me.

That's a 566% increase in spend already and I plan for this number to increase.

Calligraphy Workshops Cheltenham - Calligraphy Gems-5.jpg

Step one - Teach your first class


In this first step you'll learn how:

To have confidence in teaching in the first place and dealing with imposter syndrome.


To work out the logistics of an in-person workshop such as venue, refreshments, etc.


To work out the logistics of an online workshop such as software, resolving glitches.


You'll also learn how to plan your curriculum, create workbooks, source materials, advertise and start a mailing list.

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Step two - Expand to a course


In this step you'll learn how:

Work out how the curriculum could be expanded to a 4 week course.


Collate materials in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Create a project timeline so that you don't run out of time and your live courses are stress free.


Create marketing material for social media and how to set up a converting sales page.

Creative Business Coach - Calligraphy Gems-5.jpg

Step three - Refine the pipeline


In this step you'll learn how:

Create a passive course.


Create freebies to get more people signed up to your mailing list.


Add an additional upsell (if necessary).


Utilise social media for your pipeline.


How to pre-sell your passive course.

Welcome to The Class to Course Method

The first membership for creatives that will help you to make more money from teaching your art in less time.

Expected Course curriculum


The membership is currently in development, with a module release planned for each month.

Some larger modules may be launched over the duration of two months.

Building the confidence to teach

  • Battling imposter syndrome

  • How to establish authority

  • Worst-case scenario planning

How to teach your first class

  • How to create your class curriculum

  • Logistics checklist

  • How to create your worksheets

  • How to advertise your workshop

  • On the day

  • Follow up

Taking your class online

  • Supplies and resources for going online

  • Taking your workshop online

  • How to setup an online class

  • How to interact with students online

  • Go-live checklist

Creating your course curriculum

  • Pre-requisites to creating a live course

  • Live course curriculum builder

  • Whether to go seasonal with your live course content

Creating your course timeline

  • Worksheet builder

  • Filling in your project plan


Implementing your course project plan

  • Creating your sales page

  • Pack preparation

  • Live course marketing plan

  • Facebook group setup

  • Feedback and evidence

Polishing up your processes

  • Processes checklist

  • Email template guide

  • Learnings sheet

  • Ways to repurpose content

Creating a passive version of your course

  • Passive course curriculum builder

  • How to pre-sell

  • How to pre-record content

  • Passive course marketing plan


Expanding your pipeline 

  • Ways to expand your pipeline

  • Freebie ideas and implementation checklist

BONUS: Creative Biz Success Planner

  • Creative Biz Success Planner


BONUS: Photo ready

  • Are your photos up to scratch?

  • Next level: Having professional photos taken

BONUS: Profitability tracker

  • Profitability tracker

BONUS: Made-for-you marketing

  • Post-workshop upsell email

  • Course mention email guide

  • Early bird email script

  • Launch email scripts

  • Post-launch email scripts

  • 5 workshop reel ideas

  • 5 passive course reeel ideas

  • Post-launch marketing checklist

BONUS: Maximum potential - creative kit creation

  • Ways to collaborate

BONUS: How to collaborate

  • What to include in a creative kit

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