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Set your creative biz
up for success

Creating a business for your art is challenging.


You may feel like an imposter and struggle to get started or you may have worked up the confidence to start your business but feel overwhelmed as to where to start. Even if you have got your biz set up, you may be wondering how to grow and polish up your offerings.

The Creative Biz Success Planner is a 50 page workbook to get you from nervous artist to confident creative biz owner!

Check out these glowing reviews 🥰


This workbook is incredible! Although I started my business over a year ago, I found so much value in the prompts that Gemma provides. They helped me deeply reflect on what I wanted from my business and gave me new insights, plus great ideas for ways I can make smart improvements. Gemma sprinkles humor throughout, reminding us that we are not alone in our feelings and this is great advice from someone who has been there before. The additional spaces with trackers, charts, and places to brainstorm make this a must have for someone thinking about starting a creative business or someone like me who already has one and would like more guidance. There's even a great page near the end with additional resources if you need something that goes beyond this tool.

- Cathy

"I’ve been in business for about a year and I still found the Creative Biz Success Planner to be really helpful. It’s not just for new biz owners looking to start a business! It helped me see my business with fresh eyes and helped me to figure out what is working, what needs improvement and overall helped me re-evaluate my goals and niche. It also helped me to double check to make sure I haven’t missed any important aspects of setting up the legal (scary) side of my business. I’m really excited to implement some of the strategies and tips I got from the planner. I never thought of starting a mailing list but now I think I will! This is a must have for anyone starting out in their creative biz journey and a nice tool for those who are already running a biz!”

- Sanique

What's included in the planner?

The Creative Biz Success Planner covers:

Deciding what you want

Whether to stay a side biz or go full-time

Noting down your business dreams

Understanding your true motivation

Saying no & niching down

Ways to make money with your art

Deciding which niche fits best with you

Saying no to unwanted opportunities and other people

Creating your first offer

Doing the scary stuff

Naming your business

Business setup checklist

Your first client(s)

Competitor analysis

Pricing confidence

Clear messaging

Social media strategy

Mailing list

Your first £1K

Niche creep

Upselling idea

Mailing list growth

Making biz friends

Day-to-day success

Polishing your processes

Value adding tasks

Habit tracker

Weekly planner

Daily planner

Goal setting

This years' goals

Goal tracker

Beyond £1K

Additional resources

Notes page

The Creative Biz Success Planner is in digital format so that you can print at home and get started right away. Having the planner in digital format also means that you can re-use it if/when your business changes in the future.

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