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Upcoming Calligraphy Classes

to help you learn calligraphy

My calligraphy classes will be back in the autumn. You can either register early for my calligraphy workshops, or you can check out my brand new Beginner's Calligraphy Class which covers my calligraphy class content and includes a digital copy of the Beginner's Calligraphy Workbook.

Beginner calligraphy class teaching basic strokes and the calligraphy alphabet. Calligraphy workbook with pages of calligraphy practice. A screen with a calligraphy class.

Fellow artist?

I have a bunch of resources for you too!

From my art memberships, to business planners, to free resources.

Blog posts

Learn about calligraphy & running a creative biz

Here are some recent blog posts about learning modern calligraphy to build your knowledge about calligraphy. Click here to see my entire list of calligraphy blog posts.

Art business courses. Art business memberships. Calligrapher smiling.

Pens to Profit

Check out my new course website, Pens to Profit. This is where you'll access my art business membership content.

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