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10 goal ideas for your creative business

Updated: Jan 8

A new year and a fresh start means new goals!

Goals are a fantastic way to motivate you... if done correctly. Now you can't set goals "wrongly" exactly, but they can cause you to become demotivated if they aren't SMART.

Now I heard this term so often at university that I got fed up of hearing it but it can be really helpful. If you've not heard of SMART goal setting before, the acronym stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound. Essentially, you need to be more intentional with the goals you set.

When thinking about the achievable element, you need to set goals that are not only realistic but within your control. You should think about the process rather than the outcome. For example, the number of social media posts you create rather than the number of followers you would like as a result.

Unsure what goal to set yourself? Don't worry, here are 10 calligraphy business goal ideas:

Meet three local creative business owners - Goal #1

Invite 3 other local creatives to a coffee introduction (on a 1-to-1 basis). Don't go into this expecting anything, just enjoy the process of meeting other creatives based locally to you. This can be a great way to familiarise yourself with the local area and can sometimes lead to making friends too!

If you want to learn more about this process, check out my blog "How to make friends (in business)".

A woman business owner in front of an ipad with calligraphy worksheets on it, with a cup of tea next to her

Launch a YouTube channel - Goal #2

Not for everyone, but if this has been a goal on your wishlist this is the year to give it a go!

The quality genuinely doesn't matter, you will improve with time. This was on my goals list for years and it was such an amazing feeling to finally put a video out there.

But it wasn't that easy - I was scared:

- I was scared of trolls

- I was scared that I wouldn't be able to work it out

- I was just scared that I wouldn't be good enough for anyone to be interested

But I got through all three of these fears and continued to put videos out. I now have over 50 of them on my channel.

You can read how to start a YouTube video here.

Below is my 2022 bullet journal set up YouTube video which also includes some calligraphy business spread ideas.

Start email marketing - Goal #3

Remember the first is always the scariest! Once you've sent two or more emails it starts to get easier, particularly if you review analytics and see the engagement / sales that come as a result of them.

Now mailing lists can be easy to be put off - they can feel complex to set up or a pain because it's just another thing to add to your to-do. But there are several benefits of having a mailing list including the fact that you own it, not a social media company with those pesky algorithms.

A woman typing out an email newsletter on a computer. There are also calligraphy brush pens and journals nearby

You can start your mailing list before you start thinking about creating emails. When you do finally get around to sending that first email, remember it doesn't have to be something that you do multiple times a week, you can start with monthly newsletters. In fact, monthly newsletters are a better place to start if this will help you to form a consistent habit.

Remember that emails don't have to be super formal, you can add your own personality into them and share content that feels right to you.

If you want to learn more about email marketing, check out my calligraphy business membership - The Creative Biz Success Society.

Create weekly content for ONE platform - Goal #4

Decide on one social media platform to focus on for the next year and creating weekly content for that platform.

It's easy to feel as though you should be on every platform but not only will you feel stretched thin but you'll be a master of none. It doesn't mean that you can only be on one, but just consistently create for one platform.

The one you choose should align with your long term goals or the content you actually consume. Do you love the community aspect of Facebook groups or do you enjoy the fun of TikTok videos? I'm personally shy so can't imagine dancing about on TikTok but I do love connecting with others on Facebook groups.

You can also utilise social media schedulers such as SmarterQueue to make content output easier.

Complete an intermediate calligraphy course - Goal #5

Learn a skill such as blending or watercolour lettering. Now you don't need to do have particularly advanced calligraphy to start a calligraphy business but a chance to actively improve your skill can be beneficial (and fun!).

I have my own intermediate calligraphy course - The Calligraphy Confidence Course - which covers a variety of intermediate skills including flourishing, bounce calligraphy, blending, faux calligraphy and more.

Calligraphy course - Calligraphy Confidence Course

Sign up to a business membership / course - Goal #6

Going alone can slow your business growth - I know because I did things myself for years. It was only when I joined a coaching programme that I gained confidence and started to feel more in control.

I definitely would have worked things out by myself eventually but progress would have been slower had I not joined a coaching programme.

I have now created my own business memberships for artists, which I highly recommend checking out. Not just because I made them, but because I wholeheartedly believe that artists can benefit from them.

Teach your first calligraphy workshop - Goal #7

It's scary but rewarding and a common calligraphy business goal. I personally put off this goal because I felt that teaching calligraphy was something only "the professionals" did but they were professionals because they taught workshops. It was a catch 22 mindset and when I realised this I took the leap of faith that I could do it too.

There are three steps involved:

  1. Find a venue

  2. Create a workbook

  3. Sell tickets!

Start with a venue and book it for two months time. During this time you can simultaneously create your workbook and sell tickets. If you book it further in advance you may procrastinate on these things, if it's too soon it'll cause unnecessary stress. Two months is the ideal length of time.

A woman pointing to a calligraphy workbook at a calligraphy class

When I ran my first workshop, I felt shaky with nerves. I was scared that the attendees would complain that I was a rubbish teacher / calligrapher and demand money back and there would be tears and I would fail before I'd begun. It was irrational and obviously didn't happen. Once I'd got through the first workshop the rush of adrenaline that ran through me was amazing. I'd completed such a big goal and I wanted to teach again!

Remember I shouted out my memberships earlier? I have one dedicated to teaching your first calligraphy workshop too!

Set up a website - Goal #8

It's not as scary as you think! You don't need to hire a website designer as there are plenty of options so that you can create a website on a user friendly platform.

Don't fret over your branding colours, logo, etc, for too long as these really aren't important. What's more important is your customers' journey on your website - is it easy to navigate? Does it have a consistent, readable font? Essentially, will your customer have a nice time on your site?

Quick tip: don't showcase too many pictures on one page as it slows your loading time making the Google algorithm think badly of your site.

Remember that website design is a continous process, you'll be updating it for years. It's almost like social media in that sense.

Want further tips for starting a calligraphy business? Pop your name and email below to receive your handy guide with 10 top tips!

Get professional photos taken - Goal #9

Getting professional photos taken of yourself may not be essential but it helps to improve your confidence as a professional and feel more legitimate. It also looks more professional from a client perspective compared to a selfie.

Cheltenham calligrapher creating modern calligraphy
Photo credit: Moments by Katie Mitchell

Join a Facebook group community - Goal #10

Facebook groups are in my opinion the best aspect of Facebook. There are niche groups for all sorts of interests, including calligraphy. Making connections and witnessing the community aspect of groups encouraged me to set up my own.

I now host two Facebook groups, one for calligraphy business owners and another for those wanting to learn modern calligraphy.


Want some help with your calligraphy business goals? I now offer calligraphy business coaching, helping other calligraphers to start and grow their businesses. You can learn more here.

P.s. this blog post contains affiliate links.


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