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Welcome to Calligraphy Gems

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

I'm very excited to be launching a website dedicated to something I'm truly passionate about, calligraphy!

To give you some insight into how I got here, I actually picked up a fountain pen back when I was around 10 years old due to my Granny loving the art form as well. She encouraged me to be creative in more ways than one, but calligraphy was the activity I was most drawn to.

Sadly in my teenage years, my Granny passed and I put away that creative aspect of myself until I mentioned in passing to someone that I used to love calligraphy and would love to pick it up again "one day". Before you know it, my birthday rolls around and I'm gifted a beautiful dip pen set! I was so excited to pick up the art form again. However, it was much trickier than I'd anticipated!

I practised for several months, starting to notice a little improvement and then I picked up a brush pen and instantly connected to the art of brush calligraphy in particular. For me, I loved the bright colours and the ease of creating with them. This certainly doesn't mean that I was any good still but my passion for the craft continued.

After a couple of years of continuining with brush calligraphy, I started to get a longing to try to teach the subject and ran my very first workshop! I enjoyed it thoroughly and ran another one, with 4 more planned until the lockdown happened. It's not completely negative though, it's given me the time to get both creative and productive, hence the new website!

A lot of my site is dedicated to handmade cards as it's one of my favourite activities that calligraphy can be used for. All of my friends and colleagues know that I jump at any chance to create a card whenever I can. After making more handmade cards than I can count, it felt fitting to create my own Greetings card range. I've also loved working on wedding calligraphy after offering my services to a friend, so decided to add wedding calligraphy to my portfolio.

I truly hope that you enjoy what you see on the site, I have lots more additions planned for the future, both in terms of products and teaching calligraphy.



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