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How to make money from teaching art

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

One way to earn money through your art is by teaching. There are many ways to do this including:


These are where you teach your art form either in person or online and they're typically between 1-3 hours long. These are great for beginners as they can get started with the art form without feeling overwhelmed. Attendees are usually given some supplies to get them started.

Live courses

These are extended versions of workshops, usually over the course of several weeks. Students may purchase their own supplies from a shopping list, or you may provide them with the supplies. There are usually more costs (and effort) associated with running these but they have a higher ticket price.

Pre-recorded course

These are courses that are pre-recorded for your students to learn in their own time. These have a larger learning curve to create them as you need to record better quality audio and video and there may be editing involved.


These are resources that students can buy to practice in their own time. You can either supply them in physical form so they're ready to use for the student, or you can supply in digital format so that students can print at home or use on their ipads.


If you provide a physical workbook, add some additional resources to create an art kit. These are great for students that want to practice in their own time without wasting time shopping about for supplies. They are also great for gifting.


If you are consistent and are happy to wait to earn money long-term, blogging may be an option for you. Teach via written word and earn money via affiliate links or by monetising your blog.


Another long-term way of earning money. It usually takes a long time to start earning money this way (could be years!) but the benefit is that you can earn money on videos created in previous years that you now don't even think about.

Learn how

You can learn how to earn money in five of these ways in my new membership - The Class to Course Method. My method teaches you how to earn money from teaching your art including workshops, courses, workbooks and kits.

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