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Do you need a website for your art business?

In the world of social media, do you need a website for your art business?

Need is a strong term, but having a website will improve your success as a business owner in several ways that social media just can't imitate.

Reasons to have your own website for your art business

There are several reasons to have your own website for your art business, some of which you may not have considered.


Having your own website makes you look like a more credible business owner. It builds trust and trust boosts sales.

This isn't just with current clientele either, it makes you look more professional to bigger clients who are likely to be more selective.

If two artists were in the lead for an opportunity, the one with the professional website is more likely to book the client.

Increased profit margins

Yes there are sites out there that make it easy for you to set up and go, such as Etsy for product biz owners or Eventbrite for service based owners, but they often take a considerable chunk of your profit as a result.

Even if one of these third party sites took 5% which doesn't sound like much, that adds up over time next to 2% a website provider might take for example. A website provider may cost money too, but the difference in fees often makes up for it, plus it increases sales numbers which brings us onto the next point.

Increased sales without the hustle

Having your SEO set up on your website means that potential customers can find you more easily on sites like Google.

Not only do more eyes end up on your business, but they are more likely to buy as they are specifically looking up terms related to things on your website, including products and services.

Unique enquiries

If you have a website and the SEO is set up, you will start not only receiving enquiries more often, but will sometimes receive unique opportunities that you hadn't considered previously.

You can't lose your business overnight

There are multiple stories of Etsy owners relying on a third party platform, having great success only to discover that their store has been closed down overnight - without reason. Alternatively maybe their Instagram account got hacked and that was their only way of promoting their work.

For some, their business is their livelihood so it is important to protect it and place it in your own hands by creating your own website, rather than in the hands of a third party site.

You can choose your promotion focus

You can easily adjust your website so that products and services that you want to promote more heavily are more easily seen.

How to create a website for your art business

Hopefully the reasons above have prompted you to set up your own website for your art business.

You can learn how to set up your website and how to get it ranking on Google Search in The Creative Biz Success Society, my membership for artists wanting to kickstart their art businesses.

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