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How to do calligraphy regularly

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

First of all, let's define your definition of regularly. What does that looks like to you? Does it mean practising daily until your reach a skill level you're happy with? Does it means using it for special occasions? Does it mean that you just want to keep up a skill for long enough to consider it a full fledged interest?

The words practice takes patience in a bouncy modern calligraphy style with a hand holding a black pentel brush pen

What you define as regular practice may also change with time as your skill and wants change. Remember it is also ok if you don't practice all the time. Creativity and motivation ebs and flows and you can't force yourself to be interested all the time. When I first started learning calligraphy, I was a little obsessed, practising every free second. I definitely do not practice calligraphy as often anymore. I tend to create once or twice a week and then once every month or so I get inspired and create a bunch of stuff in one go. We all hit hurdles though and to pick calligraphy up it's helpful to know the root cause for why you've been feeling unmotivated.

Reason no.1 - you've hit a lull in growth

I remember this feeling clearly; In mid to late 2019 I felt as though I'd reached my ability limit. I had peaked and no growth was ahead of me. Everything I was creating was the

Modern bounce calligraphy style that is messy
Earlier bouncy calligraphy work

same, I was fairly content with my style, and I just couldn't envision what my style would look like in the future. I felt the "next level" was flourishing and I wasn't particularly interested.

Something I learnt though is that sometimes growth feels so slow that you don't even realise it's happening though. You are growing, I promise!

Reason no.2 - just not "feeling like it"

It's natural to feel like this from time to time. However, if you've been feeling like this for a while, consider maybe trying a new medium. For example, if you've only been using brush pens until now, maybe try out nib and ink. If that doesn't appeal to you either, ride it out and see if there's another way to connect with your creativity in the meantime such as creative journaling or watercolour painting.

Reason no.3 - just don't know what to write

Been there - often. However, I've now created an entire year's worth of content for you to write. That's right, there are hundreds of prompts for you to take a look at on this very site. I've created them in a monthly format but if a particular month doesn't appeal to you, take a look at another.

Here are an additional five ideas:

1. Create people’s names in different styles

2. Create birthday cards for upcoming friends’ birthdays

3. The song names from your favourite album

4. List the items that are around you in the room

5. Fill out a shape with calligraphy such as a sun, heart or pawprint

Reason no.4 - it's a hassle

I think this is dependent on the tools you use. I personally found setting up calligraphy with a nib and ink a bit of a hassle. It may not take that long to set up, but it was enough to put me off creating. When I discovered brush pens, it was a game changer as getting started was as simple as taking off a lid.

If this is your reason, consider changing to simpler tools with quicker, cleaner set up.

Reason no.5 - just don't have the time

Sometimes we're really busy and calligraphy is the last thing our minds, and you know what, that's absolutely fine! However, if you find that not having time is a long-term problem you'll need to do some evaluation. I have a friend that learns one word in French before going to bed, this could also be done with calligraphy. You could also fit it in with what you're already writing. For example, when I write my daily to-do list, I always write the header in calligraphy. You could potentially incorporate it into your weekly shopping list or simply for creating greeting cards when a birthday is coming up. Remember that you don't have to practice daily. Creating with calligraphy should be enjoyable, not a sense of pressure to have to fit something else into your day.

Are there any other reasons that you're feeling uninspired? Let me know and I'll do my best to provide tips!


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