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How to learn modern calligraphy

Updated: Apr 7

Wondering how you can learn modern calligraphy? I am here to break down the steps required to learn this pretty art form and resources to help you with learning.

The steps to learning modern calligraphy

  1. Decide on the calligraphy pen you want to use

  2. Practise the calligraphy strokes

  3. Practise the calligraphy alphabet

What pen is needed for modern calligraphy?

Brush pens and pointed pens are the most popular types of pens used for modern calligraphy.

Before you get started with modern calligraphy, you will need to decide whether you want to start learning with a brush pen or a pointed pen. So how do you make this decision?

Well, dependent who you learn with they may teach with one or the other.

Calligrapher using a calligraphy brush pen in a greeting card

Here are the pros and cons of both brush pens and pointed pens.

Brush pens

Pros of brush pens

✔️ Easier learning curve

✔️ No set up time

✔️ Clean

Cons of brush pens

✖️ Less eco-friendly

✖️ Less colour choices

Pointed pens

Pros of pointed pens

✔️ Viewed as elegant

✔️ More colour flexibility

✔️ More eco-friendly

Cons of pointed pens

✖️ Steeper learning curve

✖️ Set up/clean up required

✖️ Less portable

Learn more about my recommended brush pens for calligraphy beginners.

Calligraphy basic strokes

What are the calligraphy basic strokes?

The basic strokes are the movements that you make with your pen. These are the foundation of calligraphy that you need to build into your muscle memory.

Calligraphy basic strokes

Why do you need to learn the calligraphy basic strokes?

The calligraphy basic strokes are important for various reasons. I won't go too in depth here as I've already talked about it in another post.

To sum up the reasons you need to learn, it's because it encourages you to slow down and builds consistency, both of which make your calligraphy look so much better.

Calligraphy alphabet

Learning the calligraphy alphabet

It's time to put the basic strokes together and practise the calligraphy alphabet. I wouldn't recommend intermediate styles such as bounce calligraphy yet as you should get the core alphabet style down first.

Calligraphy alphabet

Learning resources

There are types of learning resources you can utilise to help you with learning calligraphy.


Use worksheets to practise the basic strokes and letters. Check out my calligraphy shop for digital workbooks which can be printed as much as you need until you nail the basics.


Join me in an upcoming calligraphy class to get extra feedback from me. I can help you make adjustments that you may not have considered to make your calligraphy easier to create. You can also watch my pre-recorded calligraphy class if you're unable to attend one of my in-person classes.


My live calligraphy courses are my most in-depth learning resource. You get all the pens you need, workbooks and personalised feedback for an entire month.

Free guide

Understand how to get started with modern calligraphy with my free guide.


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