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Make it May - Calligraphy Prompts

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

May's prompts are all about putting your calligraphy to use. Each week features a different project for you to try that incorporates calligraphy in some way.

Week one - a bookmark

This one is a nice and simple way to put your calligraphy to use. You don't necessarily need to have fancy card to get started, you can use paper that you have around the house. On the other side of things, you can make it a bit fancier, using different coloured card or metallic inks, maybe even add a tassel! This one has a practical use and is particularly handy for those who don't normally use bookmarks because of disorganisation - yes I am one of those people.

Week two - a greeting card (optional: calligraphy envelope)

One of my favourite parts of calligraphy is creating handmade cards for other people. I love seeing people's face light up when they see a card has been made just for them. I also absolutely love when I receive a handmade card from a friend or family and seeing how they've put their own artistic skills to use. Think about the recipient - what are their interests, their favourite colours, do you think they prefer fun or fancy? Really personalising the card can be even more fulfiling. If you do need some inspiration though, I recommend checking out my YouTube video for 5 card ideas.

If you want to go even further, add calligraphy to the envelope. I tend to create the whole address in calligraphy but if I'm doing something fancier, I only put the names in calligraphy and the remainder of the address in block letters.

Week three - a vision board

Ok so this one isn't so much about using your own calligraphy but it still has a calligraphy focus. This activity involves putting together a vision board of different calligraphy styles that you like. This should be a fun exercise in itself but it has the added benefit of helping you understand the styles of calligraphy that you're drawn to and should consider giving a go! It can also be something that you refer back to when you're lacking inspiration and can also be utilised for week four's activity.

Week four - a custom piece of calligraphy

Now onto the final activity of this month and that is to create a custom piece of calligraphy for you to place in your house. Think about your favourite films, songs, poems, etc and put together a piece that means something to you and will bring you joy. Create it in your own style or utilise the vision board you created last week and try out some different styles.

Custom pieces are a great way to capture where you are in your calligraphy journey and showcase your skill.

I'd love to see you participate in this month's prompts. Join me along with other calligraphers in my calligraphy Facebook group.


Get started with modern calligraphy with brush pens and my workbook collection. If you're in the early stages of learning modern calligraphy, you may also want to join one of my upcoming calligraphy workshops.


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