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Movies March - Calligraphy Prompts

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Looking for inspiration to get creative with your calligraphy? Each month I will be creating monthly themes designed to get you in the creative flow.

March's theme is "Movies March". This theme is ideal both for newcomers and more experienced calligraphers as you can choose to either create just the movie title or if you fancy more of a challenge, you can create a larger piece using a quote from the film. If you're unfamiliar with a specific film, you can replace it with a film of your choosing. This challenge is also ideal for looking at and incorporating different lettering styles into your pieces and should help put you outside of comfort zone. You can participate in the prompts in my Calligraphy community Facebook Group or use the hashtag #moviesmarch if you prefer to use Instagram.

Day 1- Jaws Day 2- Mean Girls Day 3 - The Avengers Day 4 - Lion King Day 5 - Beauty & the Beast Day 6 - Lord of the Rings Day 7 - Shrek Day 8 - Titanic Day 9 - Ghostbusters Day 10 - Harry Potter Day 11 - The Hunger Games Day 12 - Despicable Me Day 13 - Batman Day 14 - Back to the Future Day 15 - Labyrinth Day 16 - Ferris Bueller's Day Off Day 17 - The Goonies Day 18 - The Princess Bride Day 19 - The Shining Day 20 - Little Shop of Horrors Day 21 - Aliens Day 22 - Footloose Day 23 - The Never Ending Story Day 24 - Clueless Day 25 - Edward Scissor Hands Day 26 - Twister Day 27 - Grease Day 28 - Rocky Horror Picture Show

Day 29 - Easy A

Day 30 - Jurassic Park

Day 31 - She's the Man


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