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Ways to use modern calligraphy

Modern calligraphy is not only a fantastic creative outlet, but calligraphy also has many uses.

Greeting cards

Greeting cards are a great way to showcase your modern calligraphy. You can use different styles, and either let your calligraphy shine solo, or add extra decoration.

A rainbow coloured greeting card using modern calligraphy

Wrapping paper

Add an extra level of care to gifting with custom calligraphy gift wrap. You can use the calligraphy basic strokes to creating a pattern, or you can choose words of your choice and repeat them as a pattern.

Calligraphy wrapping paper is eye-catching and fun, which is why I've included it as a project in my live modern calligraphy course and Calligraphy Confidence Course.

Calligraphy wrapping paper pattern
Wrapping paper created by my student Katie M

Gift tags

Write the recipient's name or a "for you" message in calligraphy. Calligraphy looks particularly great on kraft gift tags with a white shadow added.

Calligraphy gift tag


Christmas tree decorations often have a lot of sentimentality. You'll find baubles to celebrate marriages, new additions to the family or even in memory of loved ones. You can use calligraphy to create heartfelt decorations for your Christmas tree.

You can also create them as gifts for family members and friends.

Custom calligraphy bauble

Place cards

You can use calligraphy to create place cards for weddings and special occasions. You can even use them for small family events to make the place setting look extra fancy.

Calligraphy place card. Way to use modern calligraphy


Customise the envelopes for your wedding invitations, greeting cards or happy mail in general.

Calligraphy envelope. Way to use modern calligraphy

Creative Journaling

Creative journaling and bullet journaling are fantastic ways to use calligraphy and practise different lettering styles. You can use it for headers and quotes.

Calligraphy quote in a bullet journal

General note taking

Use calligraphy for note taking and general doodling. Creating calligraphy for general note taking is a good way to get in some daily calligraphy practice.

Wall art

Create a longer piece of calligraphy and use it as wall art. It could be a poem, vows, or favourite lyrics.


Calligraphy is popular on chalkboards. They can be used for weddings, to celebrate first days of school, and also for business use such as A-frames outside doorways.

Digital designs

Use calligraphy digitally to create your own designs which can be used for phone wallpapers.

Just for fun

Who said that you need to always create something specific with calligraphy? Sometimes it's good to create "just cause".


Get started with modern calligraphy

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