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Ecoline brush pen review

Ecoline brush pens are a unique brush pen option that I'm going to discuss more in depth, from journaling suitability to chunkiness.

Ergonomics and user friendliness

In terms of usability, Ecoline brush pens are tricky to use. They're really thick and chunky which makes them more difficult to grip and adjust. Now I don't know if it's just because I have small hands but they feel a little awkward to hold in the hand because of their size.

I find that because they're trickier to hold, I'm more likely to get wobbly lines than with other, smaller brush pens. Something else that makes them a little less user friendly is that going over lines more than once changes the colour which is frustrating if you need to make a minor correction.

These are actually referenced in my Calligraphy Confidence Course as an intermediate brush pen because they are more challenging than beginner friendly brands such as Pentel brush pens.


As referenced in the previous portion, these are chunky pens and have a correspondingly chunky tip. They create big strokes as a result. This is fantastic for larger projects, for example, I used these when customising packages for students.

However, because of the large letters created with these pens, they're not the best for journaling as most words wouldn't fit within the size of a journal.

Pricing & colour range

Ecoline brush pens are available in a variety of colours from bright rainbow colours to pretty pastel shades. They're most typically sold in packs of 10 in different shade options at around £20, though they can sometimes be found on offer.

As referenced in my post - how to stop buying art supplies, I recommend purchasing a single pen first to see if you like it before proceeding with buying a pack. I tested out a single pen first before proceeding to pop the rainbow pack on my wishlist.

I have the rainbow back and they're lovely and rich and vibrant. There's three colours I'm a little less certain on. The green isn't a shade of green that I would use and the sunflower yellow brown isn't one I would typically use either.

I've said this before, but I always feel that this sort of colour is a wasted slot when it comes to a basics pack and would be better in other sets when you're looking for additional colours.

The final colour I'm less sure on is the yellow. It's just too light that it's kind hard to see. I prefer more of a banana yellow thats actually visible on the page.

Of course, that's me being a bit picky. I really like the other colours with my favourite being the pretty pink colour. Overall I really like the colour range and how vibrant they are.


Now the reason why I loved the single pen I used is the juiciness of the pen. They're so inky and just really satisfying to use for that reason. In fact, at first when using the pen I thought it'd broken because it was so inky. When I got into the swing of things I realised that's just how they are and I loved it!

Due to their inkiness, they're a bit too heavy to use on a lot of paper. They're probably too inky for a lot of bullet journals so bear that in mind. In fact on the pack, they're advertised as watercolour pens so it makes sense that they work nicely on watercolour paper.

Because of the inkiness, these are ideal for blending, even for someone inexperienced in blending.


Ecoline brush pens are a unique brush pen, most suitable for intermediate calligraphers. Their chunky size makes them more challenging to use but they are lovely and inky and in general, a pleasure to use.

If there are any brush pens you'd like to see me review next let me know down by commenting down below.


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