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Things to do in your biz when you're struggling to focus

Some days you may wake up, planning to kick the day's butt and then you can't quite muster up the motivation to work on that to-do list.

Here are some activities that you can work on instead:


If you've read enough of my content you'll know by now how much I love journaling and introspection. Yes, I appreciate it isn't everyone's jam, but I think it can be both cathartic and powerful to journal about your business.

It could be that you do a brain download onto paper, writing every thought that comes to mind (you'd be surprised how much stuff is in your subconscious), or it could be that you brainstorm what you actually want from your business.

Brain downloads can often quickly pin point why you're feeling demotivated to work and sometimes it's simple physiological reasons such as being tired, hungry, or feeling unwell.

Cleaning space

I wouldn't describe myself as an uber tidy person but my space definitely impacts my mood and ability to feel productive.

Why not listen to a biz podcast and tidy your physical space? It could be giving your desk a quick wipe down, sorting through that stacks of papers you've been avoiding or decluttering your stationery cupboard.

It's not just tidying up your physical space that can be helpful - with so much of our lives on a computer, we gather a lot of clutter digitally too.

Your computer files could be chaotic, you may never be able to find pictures you want to use, or your Canva projects are a mess and you can never find anything.

Tidying up your digital space is not only satisfying but can make you more productive too!


Now to some people who are feeling lazy, planning out stuff is pretty low on their wishlist of things to do for the day, but I LOVE planning (perhaps a bit more than the doing part).

I often start by tidying up my Trello board, creating a Google docs with the prompt "what do I want?" or chatting to my biz friends about what I'm considering.


Sometimes it's not that you can't be bothered to do anything, but you're not feeling creative enough to work on certain parts of your business. That's a good day to do some admin.

Some admin tasks that you work on include:

  • Updating your website and checking links

  • Updating your finances

  • Creating pins for pinterest - if you have a template this makes things easier

Start work on a "one day" task

Maybe there's something on your to-do list that you've been wanting to work on but it hasn't been a biz priority or feels like a stretch goal. Starting something new may revitalise you.


You're allowed to just... not work.

It's hard to switch off at times. I know that I struggle with this but if I'm really not working, I might do something fun such as playing an hour of Stardew Valley so help me relax and unwind.

Usually after doing some gaming I'm ready to jump back into some work.

Create art

Do you know how often I forget to do this? It's a bit ridiculous really, considering that I have the label of "artist" and run a creative business.

Do you know how much fun I have though when I get out my art supplies and just create for fun? It reminds me why I love teaching art and always brings my mood back up.

Do a fun biz activity

This varies from person to person. For me it's creating blog posts or writing down my goals and wishes for my business.

I expect you probably know that this task is for you too - it's probably one that niggles at you when you think "I wish I still had time to do... [insert task here].

Step away from your desk

If you're feeling in a rut, step away from your desk for a bit. Whether it's going for a walk, working from a different space or maybe going outside your house to work somewhere else for a bit.

What has worked for your when you're feeling a bit "meh"? Comment down below!


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