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November Calligraphy Prompts - All things cosy

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

This month's calligraphy prompts are based upon the theme of cosiness. As the clocks have gone back and the nights are darker sooner, it really starts to feel as though Winter is just around the corner. Although gloomy at times, the chillier darker months offer a sense of cosiness which is why it's this month's theme.

1st - Dark evenings

2nd - Candle

3rd - Tea

4th - Fluffy socks

5th - Fireworks

6th - Movie night

7th - Fallen leaves

8th - Blanket

9th - Rainy day

10th - Hygge

11th - Bobble hat

12th - Fairy lights

13th - Hot bath

14th - Pyjamas

15th - Boots

16th - Journaling

17th - Takeaway

18th - Scarf

19th - Sleepy

20th - Dressing gown

21st - Snug

22nd - Slippers

23rd - Crisp air

24th - Reading

25th - Gloves

26th - Autumn

27th - Jumper

28th - Ear muffs

29th - Hot chocolate

30th - Christmas is coming


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