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October Calligraphy Prompts - Spooky Season

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Ready to get spoooky with your calligraphy this month? Here are this month's Halloween themed calligraphy prompts. You can also use these are doodle prompts if you want to try out other art skills. I've created a prompt per each day of October.

Modern calligraphy prompts for October - Halloween, spooky, art prompts

1) It's aliveeee

2) Double double, toil & trouble

3) Boo!

4) Witch's hat

5) Cauldron

6) Horror

7) Owl

8) Witches and wizards

9) Spiderweb

10) Ghosts and ghouls

11) Dark

12) Moonlight

13) Friday 13th

14) Haunted House

15) Midnight

16) Creepy

17) Skeleton

18) Ghostbusters

19) Bats

20) Full moon

21) Pumpkin

22) Spiders

23) Vampire

24) Nightmare

25) Midnight

26) Spellbook

27) Graveyard

28) Trick or treat

29) Jack-o'-Lantern

30) Fancy dress

31) Happy Halloween

If you would like to learn some Halloween card ideas, check out this YouTube video on my channel.

I'd love to see your creation of these prompts. Tag @calligraphygems over on Instagram or share your work over in my calligraphy community on Facebook.

Get started with modern calligraphy with brush pens and my workbook collection. If you're in the early stages of learning modern calligraphy, you may also want to join one of my upcoming calligraphy workshops.

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