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The 3 simple things that changed my calligraphy drastically

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Here are three simple changes I made that drastically improved my calligraphy.

Number 1 - Basic strokes

I heard this tip again and again but I ignored it. To be frank, I thought doing the basic strokes was boring. Why would I waste my time on these when creating letters was far more fun?

Despite months of practice, my calligraphy was a bit ropey so I decided to revisit the basic strokes - maybe they were onto something and they were. After practising these strokes to make them consistent, my calligraphy significantly improved.

It's only after gaining experience I now understand why they're actually important. You can read about the basic strokes and why they're important here.

Number 2 - Lifting my pen off the page

This was another tip I ignored. Again, it's because I didn't see the purpose behind it. It's only with experience that I now realise that the reason why you should take your pen off the page is because it slows you down. It means that you're more intentional about your letter formations and this makes your calligraphy more consistent and generally neater.

You can read more about how calligraphy compares to cursive handwriting here.

Number 3 - Changing to brush calligraphy

I was so excited to get back into modern calligraphy after receiving a dip pen set however I found myself frustrated and covered in ink all the time. When I switched to brush calligraphy it was a lightbulb moment. I connected to creating calligraphy with brush pens and they were easier to use. Because of this switch, I felt more motivated to practice which improved my calligraphy significantly.

If you'd like to learn brush calligraphy, check out my upcoming workshops and courses.


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