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The Pens to Profit Club

Updated: Jun 25

What is it?

The Pens to Profit Club is my membership for artists. It is designed for artists that want to start their own art businesses, or grow and manage their current art businesses.

The Pens to Profit Club Resources from the art business membership

Who is The Pens to Profit Club for?

This business membership is for two types of artist - the frustrated & fresh artist, and the flustered FOMO artist.

The Frustrated & Fresh Artist

You’re a complete beginner to earning money with your art. Perhaps you’ve made a handful of sales but progress feels painfully slow and you’re getting frustrated. You may also be confused about your biz direction.

This membership will help you to niche down and make those first few sales.

The Flustered FOMO Artist

You’ve made some sales, but you just can’t work out how these established artists seem so happy and relaxed. They’re on ALL the social media platforms and making it look easy. So why is it that you’re constantly flustered and burnt out?

This membership will help you to take a step back, focus on what matters and start shaping an actual dream business.

Artist working on her art business, looking frustrated or unhappy

What does this art business membership cover?

The Pens to Profit Club is what I sometimes refer to as the foundation you need for your art business.

It has three phases - feel like a pro, sell like a pro and grow like a pro.

Feel like a pro

Phase one refers to feeling confident and ready to sell. You'll work through imposter syndrome, niche down and work out the steps needed to make your business official.

Sell like a pro

Phase two is about getting sales systems in place to help you to make sales without the constant hustle. This means setting up a website, getting SEO set up so that you can be found on Google, and email marketing resources.

Grow like a pro

Phase three is about taking the "pain" out of growing pains. This means having a social media upkeep strategy, refining your processes to speed things up and make them more enjoyable, and creating searchable content.

Artist working on email marketing. Artist at their computer working on their business.

Is business coaching included?

You will receive coaching through the private Facebook group for members/fellow artists. I will be there to answer questions you may have.

In addition to this, I host live calls for the group which will be based upon a voted-on topic or a Q&A.

I offer group coaching call in The Class to Course Method. If you want coaching on a 1-to-1 basis, please check out my art business coaching page.

Happy artist sat next to calligraphy workbooks.

How much is the business membership?

The Pens to Profit Club is just £7 a month.

I loved having an art business coach and joining an art group coaching programme back when I was starting out in my business. However, group coaching programmes often cost £1,000 or more which just isn't affordable for a lot of artists just starting out.

That's why I was so interested in setting up a membership instead. It's a way to access highly valuable content at an accessible price.

Please note that this membership was previously called The Pens to Profit Club


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