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Unique team building ideas in Gloucestershire

Looking for some unique team building ideas in Gloucestershire?

Unique team building ideas

Finding a team building activity that suits all members of your team can be challenging, with a mixture of personalities and interests.

Unique team building ideas mean that the experience is often new for most members of the team so the team bond by trying something new together.

The following list includes indoor team building ideas and outdoor team building ideas, suitable for a mix of personalities, team sizes and confidence of the team.

It's a knockout

A fun outdoors team building activity that doesn't require the team to be "outdoorsy". Inspired by the British tv show, "It's a knockout", many people will instantly know what this activity entails. For those unfamiliar with the show, it's a lighthearted take on relay races.

It's a fun activity, perfect for larger groups of 50-100 people where the group is in teams and participates in fun competitive challenges, sometimes involving fancy dress, such as competing whilst dressed as penguins.


A team drumming class, using percussion drums. No experience is required as the classes are beginner-friendly.

Not only can the team try their hands at something new, you will perform together as a team towards the end of session.

Another benefit of this activity, is that the event can come to you.

Cocktail making

A great idea for teams that like to socialise with a drink after work as team members can enjoy a drink whilst learning a new skill.

For team members that don't drink, they can learn the art of the mocktail.

Cocktail making class team building gloucestershire

Modern Calligraphy

Your team can try their hand at creating modern calligraphy, an art that can be used daily. Despite common misconceptions, modern calligraphy can be learnt even if you have bad handwriting.

The calligrapher can come to you, either at your office or at a venue so the class can be paired with a coffee and cake, or a cocktail, dependent on the inclination of your team.

modern calligraphy class team building gloucestershire

Segway experiences

Another fun outdoors activity that doesn't require an "outdoorsy" team. You'll receive some training about how to use a Segway before taking a guided tour around nature.

It can also be exhilirating during hilly sections of courses as you trust the Segway to keep you balanced and transport you up and down hills.

Lego animation

The team not only has the opportunity to play with the world's favourite toy, but they work together to create an animated production. The group works in smaller teams, before the entire group puts their work together to showcase the final production.


It's almost a guarantee that no-one in the group has tried falconry before and is one of the most unique on this list.

Your team will learn more about the world of falconry which is both challenging and rewarding. They will also get to meet a variety of birds under the supervision of an expert and will even have the opportunity to handle a bird themselves.

falconry team building gloucestershire

Ice cream making

Great for sweet-toothed teams. The team will not only learn how to create their own fresh ice cream, but will work in small groups to create their own custom ice cream brand idea using a selection of topping mixes.

The smaller groups the pitch the idea before being judged on the presentation and taste.

Hamster wheels

A unique physical team building activity. The group is split into smaller groups as they race in a hamster wheel to the finishing line.

It's a great activity for team building that requires communication between the group.

The Apprentice

The final activity on the list is an Apprentice challenge whereby the group splits into groups to work on business challenges.

The winner receive an award and the losers have to battle it out in the boardroom to avoid hearing the famous "You're fired!" quote.



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