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8 Gift Ideas for Arts & Craft Lovers

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Christmas shopping and looking for a gift for an arts & crafts or stationery lover in your life? I have 8 ideas for you today!

Bullet journal

My first suggestion is a bullet journal. Bullet journaling has changed my life to some extent. I think one of the main reasons is that they're time capsules of my life. Each of my journals captures what was going on in my life that year, all of the ups and downs, my interests, my dreams, everything and it's surprising how much your life can change and you don't even necessarily realise it. When you're in the present, you don't always appreciate what makes the time you're living in unique. I love occasionally going back through my journals to reflect on a past version of myself and my life.

Pentel Fude Touch Brush Pens

My next suggestion are Pentel fude touch brush pens. I love, love, love these brush pens, they're great for both calligraphy beginners and more experienced calligraphers. They're vibrant and colourful. They're also really durable. I've had my pack for 18 months or more now, and they're still going strong despite frequently using them. There are obviously lots of brush pen brands out there but I think these will be my favourite because they're so versatile. I have a YouTube video review of these if you want to check that out.

Moblique pen holder and Zebra G nib

Next is also related to calligraphy and that's a moblique pen holder and the Zebra G nib. I have used a dip pen previously but it was a straight holder which made things a bit more challenging. I seen everyone with one of these intimidating looking pens and thought I'd

give it a go. I think the pen looks unusual but it essentially just changes the angle of the nib, making it easier to create pointed pen calligraphy. The G nib is one of the most popular nibs and that's because it's beginner friendly and helps with achieving those thick and thin lines. It creates a modern style that a lot of calligraphers like. The holder along with the nib really changed my experience and I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to learn pointed pen calligraphy.

A sketchbook

A pretty sketchbook. I currently store my workings in a folder and I love occasionally look back through to see my progress and it actually brings back memories of the time that I was creating them. The problem with the folder is that it feels a little messy. Also, because you're selecting the pieces you're putting in, you may lose pieces that show you're progress. I expect there's something about having a dedicated sketchbook that shows the progress of your workings and it's a bit like a time capsule for your art.

Magazines or books with project ideas

Another gift idea are books or a magazine based around crafts. Maybe one that focuses on prompts or projects rather than the technique to spur creativity and keep motivation. When you've been practising an art form for a while it's sometimes tricky to think outside the box and I think that having a book and a monthly magazine that provides project ideas would be helpful.

Stationery shop gift card

My next gift idea is for a stationery or arts & crafts lover that you know loves these things, but you're not really sure what they already have and you don't want to risk getting them something that they already have, is to get them a gift card for either Waterstones or WHSmith. Waterstones is great because it offers both arts and crafts books but it also offers a variety of stationery from gorgeous notebooks and journals to brush pens. I personally love shopping in Waterstones, it's always a pleasant experience. WHSmith probably has a larger stationery range which is why I recommend that as an option. Now I know that gift cards aren't always seen as the most exciting gift BUT if I got an excuse to go into a stationery shop I would be very excited. I think if you've chosen a gift card based on someone's interests in nicer than a generic Amazon voucher for example.

Art and crafts class

Now a gift that would also be great is a paid class that teaches a new art skill or works on a project within that a skill that they can use. Classes are great for several reasons. The first is that it's that they offer a fun chance to be creative, they're engaging and hands on. The second is that they create a memory that you've helped them to create. They can also offer a skill that the giftee can take away with them. Also, it supports local artists.

Watercolour paints

Another idea is watercolours. Now I'm fairly new to the world of watercolours but I have a video to sum up why I love them so if you want to know all of my reasons, you can head over to that video. One reason though is that to an extent they do they work for you, in that they always look soft and pretty. They look soft and pretty and they're my favourite discovery of 2020.

Those are my gift ideas. I hope that you found it helpful. If you're a fellow stationery or arts and crafts lover what is on your wish list? Comment down below.


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