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Is an iPad worth it as a calligrapher?

One of the great parts of calligraphy is that there's so many different ways to use it.

For some, that can lead to overwhelm, for others excitement. It can also lead to pressure to try "all the things" and purchase products that you might not end up making the most out of.

An item that calligraphers may feel compelled to try is an iPad. So I'm here today to share thoughts on whether an iPad is worth it as a calligrapher.

A calligrapher with an iPad in front of her

What is my experience using an iPad as a calligrapher?

One reason why I wanted to create this blog post is because I have mixed feelings as to whether an iPad is worth it as a calligrapher.

When I started learning calligraphy I fell into the excited category. I wanted to try everything, including creating digital calligraphy. To do that though, I needed an iPad. Something I couldn't justify spending money on at the time.

I was kindly gifted an iPad for Christmas and I was so excited. I started trying out digital calligraphy and after a couple of months of playing about with it... I barely touched it.

It wasn't that I wasn't grateful, I guess I just didn't have that urge to pick it up and create digital lettering, whereas I loved picking up a brush pen.

In fact, I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I barely touched it for almost a couple of years! It wasn't until I wanted to teach my first calligraphy class that I started using it again. Once I started teaching classes, I ended up using my iPad all the time, as I updated my workbook and created my very own workbooks.

I love the flexibility to create and update workbooks as and when I want to.

A calligraphy workbook example that was created using an iPad

How much does an iPad cost?

An iPad is not a cheap investment for many, as it will often be hundreds of pounds, or even over a thousand if you go for the fanciest and newest model on market.

On top of that, an Apple Pencil is also required to be able to create calligraphy, which is an additional cost.

Honestly, I'm an advocate for getting a good second hand model. I know that the iPad I was gifting was a pre-loved item and it's going strong 5+ years later!

If you go for a newer model, that doesn't have to mean the latest specification. You can get great refurbished products from Amazon. You just need to make sure that the model is compatible with an Apple Pencil.

Top tip: Make sure that whatever iPad you go for is compatible with a pencil, but also make sure you know which generation of pencil as there are 2 versions!

Depends on your calligraphy niche

Your calligraphy niche may impact how much you need an iPad. For example, those in the teaching niche such as myself will need an iPad to create workbooks, whereas a live event calligrapher has no need for one.

A calligrapher pointing to a calligraphy workbook

When you're starting out, you may not know what niche you will fall into, so if you purchase an iPad too soon, you may find you don't get a lot of use out of it.

Which niche is right for me?

That's a good question! I have a Dream Niche Discovery module in my membership The Creative Biz Success Society to help you work out which niche is right for you.

What can you create with an iPad?

There are many ways to use an iPad including for creating:

  • Calligraphy worksheets

  • Greeting cards

  • Posters

There are more that aren't mentioned, but these are just an insight into some of the projects you can create with one.

Digital calligraphy might become your favourite!

Most calligraphers have a favourite tool and type of project. For example, I love using brush pens and creating greeting cards. I know that some calligraphers loved using chalk pens to create eye-catching signage.

It may be that digital lettering becomes your own personal preference.

So, is an iPad worth it as a calligrapher?

I asked the community whether they felt an iPad was worth it as a calligrapher and they had mixed opinions.

Some said they use theirs all the time, some said they're just focusing on pens, and some said they don't see the need for one.

I do want to say though, that just because you don't need one, doesn't mean you can't have one if you want to try something new and just have fun!

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