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Journaling June - Calligraphy Prompts

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

This month's theme combines two of my favourite creative activities - journaling and calligraphy! I love reflection and goal setting. With this in mind, this month, rather than creating calligraphy, I want you thinking about calligraphy instead. I've created journaling prompts to get you thinking more about calligraphy using four themes - making progress, calligraphy resources, calligraphy projects, me as a calligrapher.

Regardless of where you are in your calligraphy journey, these journaling prompts will guide you to the next steps.

Making progress:

  • What can I do when I get frustrated with my progress in calligraphy?

  • How can I practice calligraphy regularly that fits into my day-to-day life?

  • How can I record my progress?

  • What are my 1 month, 3 month and 1 year goals for calligraphy?

  • How can I celebrate my wins?

Calligraphy resources:

  • Which pens are my favourites?

  • Are there any other pens or tools I would like to try in the future?

  • What calligraphy resources can I refer to?

  • How do I prefer to learn calligraphy?

  • How can I use the calligraphy community when I need some help?

Calligraphy projects:

  • What can I make with my calligraphy?

  • Are there any calligraphy projects that I'd like to try in the future?

  • Are there any other art forms that complement calligraphy that I'd like to learn?

  • What is my dream calligraphy project?

  • What can I create with my calligraphy currently?

Me as a calligrapher:

  • How do I define calligraphy?

  • Why do I want to learn calligraphy?

  • Would I like to make money from calligraphy or keep it just as a creative outlet?

  • Are there any calligraphers I admire, why is that?

  • Will I use calligraphy for relaxation, for creating or an equal split of both?

What have you learned from these prompts? Has anything surprised you? Why not share your discoveries and goals over in my Facebook group for those wanting to learn modern calligraphy.


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