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12 Reasons to Learn Calligraphy

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

There are lots of reasons to learn modern calligraphy. Take a gander at the reasons below to see which reason excites you the most.

No. 1 - Hobby for your CV

I've always hated that dreaded question "do you have any hobbies?" and sadly watching Netflix and staying in my PJs all weekend probably isn't deemed an interesting answer. If this is a question you also dread, calligraphy is an interesting hobby and skill that you can bring out as an answer both for interviews or for general conversation.

No. 2 - Relaxing

Creating something is relaxing and calligraphy is no exception. Whenever I'm stressed out I switch off my tech and create something, anything, that features calligraphy. I also find watching videos of calligraphy soothing.

No. 3 - Progress is visual

One of the great things about about calligraphy is that you can see with your own two eyes how you've progressed. This is why I always recommend that beginners keep their early work as it's rewarding looking back and seeing how much you've grown.

Reasons to learn modern calligraphy

No. 4 - More than paper and pen

Calligraphy doesn't just have to be on paper, there are so many mediums to apply it to. Whether that's designing custom chalkboards, homeware or even pebbles, there's lots of different items to get creative on.

No. 5 - Lovely community

The people in the calligraphy and bullet journal community are so supportive and friendly. If you're a beginner, the community will be there to build your confidence and skill with some feedback if that's what you're looking for. Check out my calligraphy Facebook group.

No. 6 - All you need is a pencil

You don't need lots of expensive items to get started. All you technically need is a pencil and you can apply pressure to the pencil to achieve the calligraphy effect.

No. 7 - Handmade cards or gifts

As cheesy as it sounds, I find receiving handmade cards heart warming. I love the feeling that someone's put their time and love into creating something just for me! This is one reason why making handmade cards is MY FAVOURITE PART of calligraphy, to pass that feeling onto others. If you'd like to some inspiration for handmade card ideas, check out the following YouTube video.

Reasons to learn modern calligraphy - calligraphy card

No. 8 - No time like the present

In the UK, due to this year's events, millions of people are suddenly finding themselves with more free time than they ever could have imagined. So why not put some of that time to use to learn a fun and relaxing hobby?

No. 9 - Turn admiration into action

Have you ever been awe-inspired by compilation videos of "soothing calligraphy", I definitely have! Why not turn that admiration into action by picking up a pen and getting started?

No. 10 - Lots of different styles

Modern, Traditional, Digital, Colourful, Monochrome - search for calligraphy and you'll see that there are LOTS of different styles. And the reason why that's great is because there's bound to be a style that you 'connect' with and can embrace in your own style as you learn calligraphy.

Reasons to learn modern calligraphy - create calligraphy for others

No. 11 - Teaching others is fun

Seeing others engage with your favourite hobby is really rewarding, especially if you're able to help with their progress.

No. 12 - Embrace other cultures

Calligraphy is a part of some Eastern cultures such as Japan. This could be a fun way to learn and embrace some different cultures, and even learn a language!

Bonus reason - Earn from calligraphy

If you love the art of modern calligraphy you can eventually go on to earning an income from it in a variety of ways such as wedding calligraphy, calligraphy signage and much more. As I mentioned in another reason there are lots of styles and you'll find your "thing", the same applies for selling your work, you'll find something you'll love and be able to do more of it!


Wondering how to get started with modern calligraphy? Pop your name and email below to get a FREE guide for getting started.



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